Media Services

The Press Office provides information regarding the activities of the Tribunal to representatives of the press and to the general public. It distributes Press Releases and can provide representatives of the press with brochures, photos and video footage. Requests for interviews with the Members of the Tribunal should be sent to the Press Office.

The Press Office also organises visits to the Tribunal and presentations on its activities.

Coverage of hearings 

Members of the press are welcome to attend public hearings but are requested to register in advance with the Press Office using the media accreditation form.

Unobtrusive audio and video recording of the hearings is possible. Facilities are available for radio crews to connect recording equipment directly to the Tribunal's audio system. 

The Tribunal provides working areas for representatives of the press in the entrance hall of the building. These areas are set up with WiFi access, tables and power outlets. 

Press information is available at the sittings or from the Press Office.


The hearings are transmitted on the website of the Tribunal. Short interludes in transmission may occur due to congestion on the Tribunal's site. A recorded webcast of the hearings is available after each sitting under Webcast Archives.

Interview requests

Requests for interviews with a Member of the Tribunal or a representative of the Registry should be addressed to the Press Office.

Ms Julia Ritter - Press Officer
Tel: +49 (0)40 3560 7-227